The Authors

Isabel Montclaire

Isabel Montclaire

Isabel Montclaire’s endless curiosity has led her to visit interesting places and explore many topics, but her passion has always been food. Her research has taken her from studying her own garden to analyzing macroeconomic trends in agriculture.

When it comes to food, Isabel focuses on quality and simplicity. She likes to dress up humble ingredients with flavor bursts to make delicious meals and treasure hunt for the best food resources available on the planet. She also realized that she could make delicious, organic meals inexpensively.

Isabel, a once avid equestrian, was inspired by the German six-step system of horse training to structure the six steps in The Joy of Plenty. Isabel has been the primary model for professional artist Arne Westerman producing over eighty portraits covering a span of thirty-five years. As a municipal planning commissioner, Isabel’s work with local farmers, citizens, and elected officials laid the foundation for The Joy of Plenty.

Isabel Montclaire - Painting

Charlotte Lehan

Charlotte Lehan is a Wilsonville City Councilor, former three-term Wilsonville mayor, and former Chair of the Clackamas County Commission.  Much of her lifetime of public service has been focused on farmland protection, especially of Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. She has worked with citizen groups and government officials at the local, regional, and state levels. She has degrees in Human Development and completed graduate studies in Urban Geography, as well as the University of Oregon’s Pacific Program for State, Local Government, and Nonprofit Executives.

A fourth generation descendant of Willamette Valley farmers, Charlotte has a deep affinity for the changing needs of agriculture and the importance of food security. As a public official, she has been a popular speaker on these and other topics.    She has served on numerous local, regional, and statewide committees throughout the past twenty years.