The Joy of Plenty

Save money and upgrade your diet too

The Plenty Method, described in my book “The Joy of Plenty” increases the value of your food dollars by 40%. For example, $100 expands to $140. You can then use this added value to:

Reduce the overall amount of money you spend in your food budget.

For example, if you currently spend $600, the Plenty Method can help you get your budget down to about $360.

Upgrade your diet.

You can still spend $600 but buy the equivalent of $840 of food. You could buy almonds, hazelnuts, or pecans in addition to peanuts. Olive oil instead of canola oil. Authentic Italian Parmigiano-Reggianno cheese instead of domestically produced Parmesan.

Manage skyrocketing food inflation.

You won’t have to take food out of your cart and put it back on the grocery store shelves when you realize you are way over budget. You won’t have to reduce the quality of food you eat, such as buying margarine instead of butter.

Accumulate a backup food supply.

The Plenty Method is the ideal food storage system to help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to put away a year’s worth of food. In an emergency, you can eat the way you usually do. No unappetizing survival food is necessary because you store the food you eat in your day-to-day life.

Buy organically grown and humanely raised food.

Organic food usually costs somewhere between 25% to 40% more than conventionally grown food, so you can add these to your diet and still stay within your current budget.


“I’ve been concerned about the rising cost of food for quite a while but didn’t know what to do about it. Now with the Plenty Method, I have a clear plan for eating well without breaking the bank.” Elizabeth Tudor

“My wife lost her job last year and we had to drastically cut expenses. The ideas presented in the Joy of Plenty were a lifesaver. We went from spending about $700 to $425 a month without changing our diet.” 

Elliott Davenport

“I recently accumulated a backup food supply to give me a sense of security and safety in these tumultuous times. The suggestions in the Joy of Plenty showed me how to buy extra food and stay within my current budget. I had tried to put extra food away for years but couldn’t afford it. I can’t believe how peaceful I feel now with that back-of-mind worry gone.”

Elizabeth Gatsby

“Healthy food is frightfully expensive and I want to feed my children well. The Joy of Plenty helped me transform my pantry into a nutritional powerhouse stocked with superfoods and I was able to do this without spending more money.”

Stacey Maddox

“I have wanted to eat more organically grown food so I don’t have to worry about the toxic pesticides and growth hormones I may be eating. Now my diet consists of mostly organic food and my quality of life is so much better, thanks to the Plenty Method.”

Tanner Flynn

“For years I have wondered what I can do to contribute to planetary health. The Joy of Plenty informed me that my food buying decisions have enormous impact“.

Carter Brooks

“For a long time I have wanted to eat better food than I could afford so I could explore the world of gourmet food. The Joy of Plenty taught me how to buy the best food on the planet without spending a ton of money. Now I feel as if I am a five star chef in a farm-to-table restaurant.”

Isabelle Montero

“I live in a small rural community and sometimes good food is difficult to get. The Joy of Plenty showed me how to form a small food buying group with family, friends, and neighbors to access a wide range of food I had no idea existed.”

Channing Quinn

“In this world of two-dimensional social media, I have sorely missed having face-to-face conversations. The Joy of Plenty creates opportunities to connect in real time, in the real world. I am astounded how this has improved my sense of connection and community.

Jesse Remy

“Before the Plenty Method, my kitchen was a wreck and all the clutter ruined my appetite. Isabel told me it doesn’t need to be this way! I followed her tips and reorganized my entire kitchen and pantry. Her “Pantry Method” of cooking helps me put delicious food on the table almost instantly.”

Mike Rodgers

“The suggestions recommended in the Joy of Plenty have positively changed my approach to food’s production, storage, preparation, and consumption. The full spectrum of eating food has been elevated as a part of my life. Better for me, better for my community, better for our planet.”

Rae Vegas

“Inspiring and timely, the Joy of Plenty showed me I don’t have to be a prisoner of prepackaged convenience food any longer. Beautiful and plentiful food is available for my family by tapping into the simple method of food pooling and storage presented by Miss Montclaire. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of good quality food for everyone!”

Karen Karlsen