The Joy of Plenty: The best food on the planet diet

DO YOU DREAM of eating a diet consisting solely of organic and humanely raised food, but think you can’t afford it? Isabel Montclaire wants to start a revolution. She envisions a world where everyone can buy organic food for about the same cost as store-bought, conventionally grown food, so the wealthy won’t be the only ones who can afford to eat well. With The Joy of Plenty, she intends to drastically change the way you buy, store, and prepare your food. Stop the endless meandering through grocery store aisles packed with processed and pesticide-laden ingredients. Instead, form direct relationships with food suppliers in order to reduce your food costs, stock your pantry with the best food on the planet, and experience radiant health.

By taking you out of the grocery store and out to the farm or wholesaler instead, Isabel shows you how to buy clean, organic foods for reasonable prices. The Joy of Plenty includes advice on: upgrading your pantry to a nutritional powerhouse of whole foods while staying within your current budget, locating wholesale and farm-direct food sources, keeping food fresh, and using the best ingredients on the planet to reduce time spent on meal preparation. With small changes to your routine, you can be part of a movement that’s changing how the world eats.


“I’ve been concerned about pesticides in the food I buy for a while now but didn’t know what to do about it. Now with The Joy of Plenty I have a clear plan to improve my diet without breaking the bank.”
—Michelle Ripple

“This book jump-started my kitchen organization. Storing items from my Master Ingredient List in airtight mason jars has made an amazing difference. It’s a pleasure to see all my ingredients lined up in uniform containers. My pantry doesn’t stress me out anymore.”
—Clara Caldwell

“The suggestions and tips recommended in The Joy of Plenty have positively changed my approach to food’s production, storage, preparation, and consumption. The full spectrum of eating food has been elevated as a part of my life. Better for me, better for my community, better for our planet.”
—Mike Rodgers

The Joy of Plenty helps to keep people, the community, and the planet healthy. It suggests simple and affordable solutions available to everyone with an open mind and inspires a new way of seeing the world of food.”
—Galina Lobanova

“This book made me recommit to eating more organic food as part of my desire to take care of the environment.”
—Kathy Luiten-Goodwin

“Inspiring and timely, The Joy of Plenty showed me I don’t have to be a prisoner of prepackaged convenience foods any longer. Beautiful and plentiful food is available for my family by tapping into the simple method of food pooling and storage presented by Ms. Montclaire. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of good quality food for everyone!”
—Karen Karlsen

“Regardless of social, economic, or ethnic background, The Joy of Plenty provides a detailed method that enables us all to access healthy, high quality food without a vast expenditure. Ms. Montclaire's work is a timely selfless stroke of genius and warrants accolades at the highest levels.”
—Tama Marquez

“I was concerned about stocking my entire pantry all at once but I was able to slowly integrate bulk storage items and organic food bought directly from farms in our diet. In a surprisingly short time, my pantry was full and my once daily trips to the grocery store turned into once a week. I feel liberated!”
—Rachelle Davis

“Now I can buy larger quantities of healthy food and store it in safe ways to preserve the longevity. I feel so much more organized and I’m definitely eating better because of it.”
—Denise Smith

“This book is great! I have always avoided thinking about what goes into our food. This is both a wake-up call and a way to free yourself and your friends from the grip of an unhealthy and poisonous diet. Life changing!”
—Kye Blessing

“The Joy of Plenty is a treasure map to sourcing sustainable alternatives to our current food shopping choices. Ms. Montclaire has created a “food system” to access and properly store affordable farm fresh, local, pesticide-free, nutritional powerhouse foods. Get this book and begin your journey now.”
Marge Pries